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Image by Mikhail Pavstyuk

Why Choose Hustead Law Office?


We are native South Dakotans with a rural mindset.  Each of our attorneys and staff members have deep connection with our community.  We chose to practice in a small town rather than Rapid City, Sioux Falls, or Pierre.  We choose to work and live here, and we view the practice as a service to the community. 


We work hard to have a deep understanding of the law and give you an honest assessment of your case or situation.  We give it to you straight. 


We are nice to work with.  We are generally more accessible than other offices and have easy parking.  We bring civility to the practice of law--not only to you, but also to opposing counsel, judges, opposing parties, and local businesses and vendors.  That makes us unique. 


We are honest.  If we cannot help you in your matter, we will try to refer you to a professional who can help you. 


We had good mentors.  Built upon the legacy of the Farrell, Farrell & Ginsbach law office, the Hustead Law Office strives to carry on its tradition of distinguished legal service.   

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